1: Every camper is obliged to comply with the regulations of Foral Decree 24/2009, effective since 30th March 2009, as well as the rules of this Internal Regime Regulation.

2: The Rights of Admission is reserved. Any guest who does not comply with the campsite’s terms and nor as established in the DF 24/2009 Regulations may be asked by the management to leave the site immediately.

3: Camping Izarpe is an inclusive campsite and welcomes everybody. Any discriminatory behaviour is considered unacceptable and those guests may be asked to leave the campsite.

Check in times are 12:00 for pitches and 17:00 for Glamping accommodation (log cabins and pods), although guests are permitted to enter the campsite before check-in time

The full cost of the booking must be paid at check in, guests may check-in from 10:00 at the earliest, subject to prior arrangement, until 20:00.

All guests must be registered at reception on arrival to the campsite. The management is entitled to request identification documents such as
passports or driving licence.

Any changes to the booking, such as the number of people or days reserved, must be communicated immediately to reception. The minimum amount to be invoiced however, will be based on the original booking, even if you leave earlier than intended.

A deposit of €150 per cabin/pod will be taken (if applicable). The deposit will be redeemed in full upon satisfactory inspection at the end of the stay. Any damage or any extra cleaning required (beyond normal wear and tear) will incur costs that may be deducted from the deposit.

Guests may only occupy the pitch//cabin/pod specified on the booking invoice given at check-in.

Only 1 vehicle is permitted to be parked in the space allocated in front of and around each glamping accommodation and pitch, the rest of the space must be kept clear and not used as storage or parking for trailers or motorcycles.

All the cabins/pods have an inventory listing all items including kitchen utensils. In the event that an item is missing on arrival, please do not hesitate to inform the reception for a replacement.

Guests must ensure that the maximum number of persons occupying any accommodation does not exceed the maximum occupancy limits set by the management. If this happens, guests will be required to move to a higher capacity accommodation, subject to availability, and pay the difference in the accommodation rate. If this is not possible, the booking may need to be considered a cancellation and guests may lose payment.

Glamping Accommodation: Cabins and pods are exclusively for use by registered guests only. As a general rule, visitors are not allowed in the cabins/pods if this means the maximum capacity contracted is exceeded.

5: Reception staff will direct guests to the appropriate location to set install the tent, caravan or car in the grounds of the campsite.

Guests may not change from the location assigned on arrival unless authorised by the reception team.

6: Only registered guests are permitted to stay at the campsite. Any visitors must be given permission and registered at reception.

Visitors must show identification to reception and pay for a Visitor’s Ticket; visitors’ vehicles must be left in the outdoor parking of the campsite and leave the premises before 20:00.

7: Guests are expected to behave in a respectful manner to staff, fellow guests and campsite property. Any wilful damage to campsite property will result in guests being asked to immediately leave the campsite. If you are asked to leave under these circumstances, no monies will be refunded.

All accommodation must be vacated by 12:00 on the day of departure unless otherwise agreed with the management team.

All accommodations must be left in good order and in a clean condition.

In case of any damage to the facilities and / or accommodations due to misuse, you must pay the amount of the damage at the reception.

9: Guests will be responsible for the cost of any damages to the accommodation or its contents, caused by them or by any member of their party or animal brought with them.

10: Children’s entertainment activities are for children aged 4 years and older; children aged under 4 years old must be accompanied by a parent/carer at all times. Parents/carers are responsible for children at all times. Under no circumstances are campsite staff authorised to act as carers.

11: There is a rest period, from 23:00 until 08:00 the following day, during which we please ask for silence will be maintained.

12: Only one car will be allowed on-site per plot. Any other vehicles must remain outside the Campsite.

Parking of vehicles is restricted to the allocated plot only and parking elsewhere on-site is prohibited. This includes parking on any of the lanes within the campsite.

Only motor vehicles registered at check in are permitted onto the campsite.
The car park is reserved for guests and visitors of Camping Izarpe only.
The car park must not be used instead of the allocated plot of your pitch, cabin or pod.

It may be possible to park your vehicle in the car park at the entrance as of midnight (00:00), provided there is space without affecting the entry and exit of other vehicles. This must be requested with the night watchman who can inform guests of any extra capacity of the car park.

13: The maximum speed of vehicles permitted inside the campsite is 10km/h, and sounding of car horns is also prohibited onsite. In order not to disturb the fellow guests, vehicles must not move, enter or leave the campsite from 23:00 until 08:00 next day – if necessary, vehicles must be parked outside the campsite in advance.

Dogs are welcome on our campsite, in all accommodation types. However, they must be kept on a lead at all times and the lead must not be more than 2 metres long, nor exceed the boundaries of the pitch. Owners are responsible for collecting and disposing of any dog waste, including in the canine recreation área. Dog waste must be disposed of at the outer containers next to the canine recreation zone.

A maximum of 2 dogs per pitch are permitted on-site.

If there is an incident on-site involving your dog, please note that you may be asked to leave the site immediately.

The admittance of dogs classified as potentially dangerous, including crossbreeds, is restricted in accordance with Law 50/1999, passed by Royal Decree 287/2002.

15: Open fires and fire pits are prohibited. Barbecues are only permitted in the designated areas.

16: Firearms and offensive weapons are prohibited.

17: Guests are required to help keep the site facilities clean and tidy by using the refuse and recycling bins provided by leaving all facilities clean after use. Refuse/recycling bags must be disposed of in the containers located outside the campsite with food/organic waste placed into the composting area.

18: ONLY campsite staff are authorised to connect/disconnect electricity, water inlets and drains and these utility services must be requested at Reception for the duration of the booking. Guests are prohibited from altering these connections in any way.

19: In order to prevent drainage issues, guests are prohibited from pouring used or residual water directly onto the campsite grounds. In caravan pitches without a drainage system, it is mandatory to use a container under the caravan as temporary storage for liquids to be disposed of properly.

20: All taps must be turned off after use. The fountains are for exclusive use of water collection. The kitchen sinks must be used to wash dishes and kitchen utensils, and the laundry must be washed in the laundry rooms only. Please leave the facilities in a good and clean condition.

21: Guests are only permitted to pitch tents or park a caravan/motorhome on allocated plots. Guests are not permitted to build any other type of construction, of any materials such as wood or metal, nor install hurdles, around the shops, caravans or motorhomes.
Windbreaks must be made primarily of canvas, it is not permitted for guests to create windbreaks from any other materials such as wood or metal.

Long-term stay motorhomes: Guests must use the steps provided/authorised by the campsite to access motorhomes and it is prohibited for guests to use any other type of own design, this includes clothes-lines, base protections, tables, chairs and other accessories such as awnings, fences, etc.

For health and safety reasons, we do not permit guests to attach ropes, chains or dog leashes to trees, taps or any other installations. Dog leashes and windbreaks must be appropriately secured using the correct pegs fit for purpose.

Any tents set up for cooking only must be authorised by the Campsite Management.

It is not permitted for guests to change the campsite grounds in any way, therefore it is strictly forbidden to plant shrubs, flowers or any other kind of plants. It is also prohibited for guests to install any form of fencing, flooring,or paving.

The placement of a plastic or wooden grid under a caravan will be permitted and this must be removed when departing. All pitches must be kept clear of stones, pots or any other similar materials to keep pitches suitable for camping.

22: Competitive or dangerous riding of bicycles is strictly prohibited. Cycling around the campsite is prohibited from 20:00 until 08:00 and failure to comply with this rule may result in management confiscating bicycles until the end of the guest’s stay. Parents or carers are responsible for ensuring children comply also with these rules.

23: Guests may not leave tents or caravans unoccupied at the campsite for more than 24 hours without informing the reception team, who will consider the circumstances but may ask guests to take belongings away with them.

24: In order to prevent disturbing fellow guests, games and sports must only be played in the designated areas.


The swimming pool may only be used during permitted times

All guests must follow the swimming pool rules.

Guests use the swimming pool at their own risk and parents or carers are responsible for children using the swimming pool. The campsite will not be responsible for any accident or personal injury resulting from the misuse of the pool or its surroundings.

It is mandatory for guests to shower before using the swimming pool.

Guest must take reasonable care of their own property, the campsite is not liable for any theft, damage or loss of personal belongings while using the swimming pool.

Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult (over 18 years old).

The hammocks may be used by all campsite guests.

Swimmers must wear swimwear only, outdoor clothing, sunglasses and shoes are strictly prohibited..

Diving into the pool is prohibited, guests must use the steps to enter and exit the swimming pool.

Smoking is prohibited inside the swimming pool.

No food is allowed in the pool area and drinks may only be consumed in plastic containers or cans. Glassware is prohibited.

Animals are not allowed in the swimming pool area.

Please do not use bicycles, scooters and anything that may disturb the tranquility of the swimming pool.

Guests must dispose of their own litter by using the bins provided.

Guests must only access the swimming pool using the steps provided.

Guests must not enter the pool with any infectious diseases or skin complaints.

In the event of inclement weather or storms, guests must leave the pool area.

Guests must respect campsite staff monitoring the security and safe uso f the swimming pool. Any anti-social behavior may result in guests being asked to leave the swimming pool.

The campsite is responsible for the maintenance of the swimming pools and their facilities.

Please inform a member of staff if you notice anything out of order or broken. .

26: Guests may leave belongings in the reception safe, up to a maximum value of €200. For security, guests must show the issued receipt when retrieving their belongings.

27: The campsite is not liable for any loss, theft or damage to guests’ property, including anything caused by fires, floods or adverse weather conditions.

28: All guests must comply with the campsite rules and legal regulations to ensure a safe stay. In the case of non-compliance, guests may be asked to leave the campsite with no monies refunded.

29: The management team strive to provide the best possible service to all guests; we ask guests to immediately inform reception staff of any problems or difficulties if they arise and we will help as much as possible.

30: The Campsite Management reserves the right to make any changes to these Regulations.